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Adventure Games

Play 3D puzzle adventure  game greying out

10Mb : More : Download greying out Game
This house is haunted, haunted by the living. Unravel the mystery by solving problems and finding clues.

Butterfly Game Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ, Fly and paint wings in this multiplayer butterfly game Butterfly Game

8 Mb : More : Get Butterfly Game on Android : Download Butterfly Game Game
Butterfly Game, the beautiful multiplayer 3D butterfly game- fly, drink nectar, paint wings, meet, chat, explore and even make new caterpillars

Wild play deep in the woods. Lif

4.3Mb : More : Get Lif on Android : Download Lif Game
You've been a bird, now hunt, graze, fight, and frolic as a beast! Wild Animal MMO fun.

Spacejet MMORPG, 3d multiplayer space flight game Spacejet

1.9MB : More
Free 3D MMORPG online space shooter flying game. Travel the galaxy, meet, shoot and kill fellow space astronauts in this cosmic multiplayer game. Now with team play!

Play 3D adventure Gothette Distress

176 Kb : More
Gothette mayhem ensues as you explore the vast wasp infected, labrynthine castle of your dreams/nightmares.

Play 3D ghost hunting game Heart Bump

157Kb : More
Deep in the forest where the monsters lurk a brave soldier has to fight to keep the fear at bay.

Play submarine game Aquanaut D.S.V.

200 Kb : More
Deep sea underwater adventure. Command your submarine through the perilous depths of the sea.

Rah, Ancient Egyptian game. Rah

16Mb : More
Play in the mythological Ancient Egypt. Meet the gods.

Play Lif Serengetti Lif Serengeti

7Mb : More : Download Lif Serengeti Game
African fun in Lif serengetti, live with the wild animals, be a wild animal in gamewvials latest wildlife MMO.

MMO Magic mayhem Happy Land

1.5Mb : More
Happy land... Witches, mad monks and robots fight it out in yet another ray of sunshine from gamevial. Magical MMO madness. 3D adventure.

Play 3D Pirates game Pirates Cortez's gold

1.3Mb : More : Download Pirates Cortez's gold Game
Pirates 3D game. As pirate to the King you must destroy Cortez's treasure fleet and fort. Swashbuckling action!

Play 3D Space flight game Lucid

830Kb : More
Stuck in a massive spaceship in a far away galaxy. You must fly and shoot your way out if you are to survive. This space action game is a "must play" web experience.

Play adventure game Baron of GreyHame

535 Kb : More
A 3D adventure game where you work your way up the feudal system. Buy your spells and weapons in the town, and use them on other travellers in the countryside to build up your skill, and make mone

Play 3D space game/Flight sim Trigocity

499 Kb : More
One of the first 3D shockwave games in the world. Using the revolutionary Havok (TM) physics for Shockwave, now revamped. Online Space games don't get much better than this.

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